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Affiliate Marketing For Website Traffic

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers comprise the vast majority of of online retailers.  Most of us are not savvy enough to create our own products and most never will.  The majority will be satisfied as affiliate marketers not having to deal with the responsibilities of the technical aspects of creating a product and delivery and technical support.

The majority promote the products of others for a commisssion or an exchange or trade of some other kind such as website traffic or listbuilding information. An affiliate marketer is a broker for the final product or service. MLM (multi level marketing) is affiliate marketing.

Before one even gets to the sale of their primary product there are tools which are used to achieve the sale.  And all of these tools are monetized. That is, finance can be generated with your marketing tools as well as your primary product.

There are free tools to start with but as one moves along, the use of extra features will become clear.

If your just starting out on the affiliate marketing path or have had littile success with the "family and friends warm market" then consider promoting your marketing tools.  If you can successfully accomplish this task then making a sale of your primary product will be much easier as you will now have some basic knowledge of the process.

You will definetely be leaving the "friends and family warm market" concept behind.  If you have been involved with MLM or Direct Marketing before, or gone to a "meeting" or that "party" then you know what I mean. When "friends and family" see you coming they run the other way.  That looks like a cold market to me!

All of your tools can be monetized, such as classified advertising website traffic sources,  website hosting, autoresponders, and all the tools an internet marketing afffiliate will need.

Gaining trust by demonstrating the usefullness of your affiliate marketing tools will surely lead to sales of your primary product.  
The question your prospect is asking is how does this benefit them? Preselling your prospects on the product and how it solves a problem is one of the affiliate marketers jobs.  

Your autoresponder is a highly specialized tool used to automate email marketing for affiliate website traffic.
 It is the work horse for training and delivering your presell information.  Without an autoresponder too much time will be spent tring to make sales, emailing one by one or even in batches with the typical email account.  All of your message can be pre-written and sent out at predetermined times.

As an affiliate marketer your primary job is to presell the product you are promoting.  In order to do that properly you should be familiar with the niche that the product is providing solutions for.  Once your an experienced marketer opportunites will become more clear as there are thousands of digital products available for sale plus all the usual offline products that are for sale.

Taking the free tour is the first step to building long term passive wealth.

The Plan:

Now all of that said about starting for free leaves out a very important point. Free does not mean FREE.  It means work.  If you do not have the resources for a $10 investment then you have more work to do.  With the free method you can earn the investment necessary to create an unlimited opportunity with your business.  With the free method you are still trading time for money.
Look at this payment plan.

With a $10 investment you have opened up the gates for living the laptop lifestyle.  You can earn enough to pay your bills and meet the usual demands with the free method but it does not compare since the amount of work reqiured will not be reduced over time.  Plus there are hundreds of titles to choose from regarding internet marketing how to's.  Some of which come with Master Resell Rights for you to create wealth.

The hosting account that comes with All In One Profits will allow you to create webpages where you can literally scale your income.  Your helping others get what they want so that you can get what you want.

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