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Make money with free classified advertising posting for website traffic

Banner Advertising For Affiliate Website Traffic

Viral Banners

Another targeted website traffic method is banner advertising.  Affiliates use banners in various sizes as a method of capturing the attention of prospects.
Banners give a quick reference as to what the product is about.

You see a banner and you click through.

Did you click because of the image?

Did you click because of it's position on the page?

Did you click because you just read an article about that affiliate website?

Did you click beacuse you saw that banner several times before and chose to click this time?

All of the above propositions are true.

What is clear is that banner advertising works!  The old saying is "a picture is worth a thousand words". The use of banners creates free website traffic advertising.

So even if you do not have a website to display banners you can take advantage of viral marketing methods to exponentially increase your website visitors.  In the members area of your businesses there are offers to promote your banners.  Some offers are limited, but there is usually a paid offer for banner impressions (not click throughs) because the site owner is well aware of the traffic created with banner advertising.

When you have started your free online business you will find that some of your traffic sources will allow you to post banner advertising for free.   Take of advantage of that offer and put your banner in their rotater.  You never know,  the right person sees your banner when they need it the most and click through to your affiliate offer.

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