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Email Marketing For Affiliate Website Traffic

Email Marketing

With the subject of targeted website traffic, of much importance for affiliate marketers is email marketing.  As an affiliate marketer representing specific products and services of other parties, it is of utmost importance to build a list of qualified leads for your self as apposed to builing that list for the parties you represent.  That is, targeted leads that have a desire for the use of a service or product that you can interact with to build trust and confidence.

One of the best ways to achieve that is through email marketing.  Advertising with email gives the affiliate marketer an opportunity to give more information about the product to the prospect as it may take a few views of a sales page before a buy decision is made.

Building your own list of prospects in a particular niche is the best way to maintain  long term relationships that lead to sales.  Without the automation of email marketing your affiliate advertising efforts would not be as efficient and profitable.

Using an autoresponder to deliver pre written training, guidance, reviews, or your personal testimoials will go along way towards making a conversion or sale.  Even a free traffic membership may require some guidance for a new affiliate. Reminding them of the services available and clearing up the uses and how to set up the services will add to your credibility and generate sales later.

In the beginning, messages can be sent daily for training purposes and the "To Do" list to get started. Daily messages are possible if they are informative and content filled without the "Buy Now" call to action.  Some of the services that you use may have a good blog that would serve this purpose.

Safelists are a method by which affiliate advertisers can use email marketing to build their list.  This is basically a traffic exchange in email form.  Some people like to surf others prefer to read emails. Consider using an alternate email address for safelist emails rather than your regular admininstration emails.  In a safelist there is no spam since your membership means agreeing to receive emails as well as you sending emails to the membership.

Remember that this is about building your list so make the point of reference is a capture page giving away something for free to acquire contact information.  Second to that you could use an affililiate offer that collects email contact information for You, or give away a tool or ebook that leads to an affiliate offer that collects email contact information for You.

Becoming an affiliate of your autoresponder service creates the win win situation.  As a user of the service the affiliate marketer would advertise the highly targeted website traffic benefits of the service. Having your own autoresponder account for list building is a must for long term success!

Success online is about the correct process.  Stop giving your free or payed traffic away!

Once you have developed sufficient website traffic for your free online business send those visitors to your capture pages and have them sign up for more information regarding your particular offer.

Email Marketing

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