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How Do I Start A Free Online Business?

Free Website Traffic And Lead Generation

Since the internet became easily publicly accessible in the early 1990's the question became how do i start an online business for free?  Fortuneately there were some very creative people who were able to solve the problem in very unique ways.

Fast forward to 2020 and they have survived by using the basic fundamentals of internet marketing. In the process they have built large networks of advertising websites that will give you all the free website traffic, tools and resources that you will need to be a successful affiliate marketer and make money from home.

I'm sure that you are familiar with the phrase "help other people get what they want, and will receive what you want".  It's a form of the Reciprocity Principle.  One's intent is the most significant factor in determining a desired result.  In my opinion the best internet marketing businesses give and give some more.  As a result their businesses are still here today and continue to grow.

If you do not have a primary business yet then that is OK.  That is actually better.  Then there is no pressure to make sales for that business. Unless of course it's a product that you would normally use anyway. This relieves the pressure so you can focus on the basics of setting up lead generation for your business.

You can buy leads but the problem is you don't know the source or quality of the leads.  In most cases it''s a waste of money.

The best option is to create highly targeted website traffic to find leads that would be interested in your business with the use of viral marketing methods that can generate millions of visitors to your affiliate website.

Getting Started:

1) Join Leadsleap for FREE.  You will have website traffic and lead generation plus all the tools you need as a marketer for FREE.

2) Sign up Here for FREE. This is your viral marketing powerhouses.  It amplifies your traffic and lead generating efforts for FREE.

3) More traffic and lead generation ideas on this website both FREE and Paid.  Paid traffic gets you off to a faster start.  Manage your resources accordingly.

4) The most important point is this.  What is going to be your primary affiliate website traffic source? Point everything you do towards that source.  There is a tendency for marketers to be all over the place because we find all these great ideas.  Nothing good comes of being too disjointed.  You have to be focused.  Either use only a few traffic sources (because you only have so much time) or place your url's in your ads in such a way that you find your way back to your primary traffic business.  Which of course leads to your main business.  This would be similiar to many SEO strategies that are posted about in blogs.

5) Gmail is for business.  Create two Gmail accounts.  One will be for administration purposes for your core traffic websites and the other for your lead generation tasks.  Gmail makes it easy to filter and label incoming emails.  They also know how to handle spam (unsolicited email).  They let you teach it what you consider spam.

Also some traffic websites will not allow you to use certain email providers.  So get two Gmail accounts and get organized so that you can get on with the business of how to generate leads for your online business.

Steps In Starting A Online Business

Viral Website Traffic Advertising

Targeted Website Traffic Advertising

Affiliate Marketing for Website Traffic

Classified Advertising for Affiliate Website Traffic

Traffic Exchange Advertising for Affiliate Website Traffic

Banner Advertising for Affiliate Website Traffic

Email Marketing for Affiliate Website Traffic

Website Submission Advertising for Affiiliate Website Traffic

Leadsleap Affiliate Marketing for Website Traffic

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