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Make money with free classified advertising posting for website traffic

 How To Generate Leads For Your Online Business

Lead Generation

Posting Ads:

Posting classified or text adverisements in the various traffic programas that  are available will yield good results with a catchy headline relative to what you are offering.  Reading through the profile and the benefits of the business that you are offering several times will generate some ideas that are contextual in nature.  They may not be direct but easily related to when the prospect sees the ad after clicking through.

Blogging/Commenting/Social Media:

Creating useful blog posts and allowing comments on it is an old school method that is still used today to bring attention to your posts.  If the information is useful then you can expect visitors to click through to your website for even more useful information or products.

This is what the search engines like to see.  Useful posts with useful comments.  Remember content is King.  A good comment on a blog post also serves as a good backlink to the commentors website.
It's a win win situation when the comment is done professionally even if disagreeing partly.  Nasty responses of course may be removed or edited by the blog owner.  A reasonable poster will recognize that an alternate idea may be something that could be added to existing proceses to further enhance the result of that particular topic or niche.

Generally, your success will involve being useful to a prospect.  Whether it's a strong post or demonstrating the effectiveness of a tool.  Your prospects need to be engaged in order for them to return to your website for more ideas.

Tracking Your Results:

As previuosly mentioned there are some very creative people who have come up with some interesting ideas on how to start an online business for free.  With any business one needs to assess the results of the marketing campaign.  That is,  if I made any sales or generated any leads, where did they come from?  Can I improve on those sources or do I just need to get rid of them?

If you have your own website with hosting an option for tracking results would be Google Analytics. You can gather information on where your website visitors came from, how many views each page is receiving and whether a conversion (signing up to your capture page) or a sale was made.  All of this for free.  Google gives and keeps on giving and in return they continue to grow.

Link trackers are another method by which you can track results.  Link trackers perform several functions of tracking your website hits  and generating new leads for your business.   They also shorten your url and cloak your url to minimize poaching of your referral ID.  As an example, becomes

Link trackers also give you more than one option to advertise your business. Some offer ads in a top bar others offer ads in a bottom, some can also track whether you have real visitors to your website or bot traffic. And others yet use a pop up in another tab (not a window) to promote a business.  The choice is yours.  The result is that you earn credits that can be used to promote your business and most importantly generate new leads.  If your prospect is not interested in your offer, then they may have a look at what is advertised in the top bar of the cloaker.

Link tracker/cloaker2

Link tracker/cloaker3

Link trackers allow you to create viral website traffic advertising by grabbing the attention of your website visitors with your ad postings.  Get creative.  It's your business.


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