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Cyclone - Self Perpetuating Revenue System

Self Perpetuating Income Stream

Cyclone is credited as the world's first self perpetuating revenue system app.  In other words cyclone is hands off once you start it to complete a set of tasks that generates leads and converts them to sales.

It's the perfect newbie software created to automate the difficult task of generating sufficient website traffic which would provide passive wealth building so that you can enjoy all your interests that modern life has prevented you from accomplishing thus far.

Driving traffic to your affiliate websites and blogs is the biggest hurdle.  Your either trying to build your list with capture pages or sending your hard earned free and paid traffic to sales pages that don't convert to sales.

That most difficult problem of driving traffic and making conversions to sales is now solved by Cyclone, a self perpetuating revenue system. To perpetuate is to continue without external agency or intervention.

Cyclone will drive traffic for you and  email the prospects and make the sale.  And all you have to do is start it.  The setup is simple with the supplied training videos.  Obtain your affiliate link, input it into the system, pick  one of four preloaded revenue  streams and away the system goes.

Programming knowledge of HTML, CSS, SEO, Hosting, Websites, Autoresponders, E-commerce, Product Support, and all of the other marketing tasks are not required.  It can take years of study and use to become competent in all the areas considered necessary to be a proficent webmaster.

Most people are just looking to ease the burden with passive income since anything else requires a fair amount of time. Most affiliate marketers are not looking for another job to get up in the morning and do.  The majority want to make enough for the rent, save the downpayment for the house, get a reliable vehicle, take a vacation, pay for the children's education, and ease the burden for mom and dad.

To be realistc earning a few hundred dollars per week for a novice is good considering most people fail due to the maze of what appears to be a simple affiliate marketing process.  Most people will earn enough to take the stress off, knowing they have a steady revenue source (not millionaires) and when they are ready can create multiple robust self perpetuating revenue streams with the laziest online income system.

With a hands off done for you product like this you can be sure the price will go up soon.

Cyclone represents that majestic power of nature. Power that can destroy or create.  Moving a lode stone  (natural magnet) through a coiled wire produces power.  The moon moves the waves, a tsunami can destroy a seashore city, but Niagara Falls creates power generation. There does not appear to be an end to the stars or and end to the internal structure of an atom.  
 Natures energy is truly infinite.

Ultimately what matters is how we harness natures energy for our benefit.  The creations of man are really not that different than what exists in nature.  What matters is how we harness it.

Internet Marketing is no different.  It's how we use it.

Man used to work the land by hand, then by tools and with the aid of beasts of burden.  We harnessd the the power of carbon and the blacksmith shaped the steel.  The Industrial Revolution brought about further convenience for man with machines of steel.  Society prospered and today automation has brought further convenience to man.

With the Technological Revolution man again has prospered with robots doing the work of man in the factory.  Some see fear and loss.  I see OPPORTUNITY!

The cycle is coming full circle where man can again be one with the land.  Enjoying all that planet earth has to offer through travel.  All do to the continued ingenuity of man.

So the newbie question would be how do I make money with Cyclone? Get your Cyclone affiliate link and start it.

The Do It YourSelf Method:
Drive Traffic to your Autoresponder Capture Page To Build Your List.

Your Website

Traffic Exchanges
Banner Advertising
Classified Advertising
Social Media
Article Marketing
Link Exchanges
Pay Per Click
And so on, And so on

An Autoresponder Capture Page Is Where Your Prospects Sign Up For Automated Messages.

Create several automated messages to presell your prospects on the benefits of your Primary Product

Hopefully you have done the necessary research to create such messages.  So if your selling a lotion or potion you know plenty about it and how it is going to solve your prospects problems.

Wait for your prospects to join your business.

Have more messages already prepared for training,  to support what is in the back office of Primary Product.

Make the sale.

Primary Product.

If they really like the product in the manner you do, they stay and continue to make their monthly payments and promote for further sales.

If not, keep searching for more prospects.

An Example.

You can apply for the referral affiliate links for these four of several apps available one by one or you can get them inside Cyclone.

Magnetic Hypnotic Infinity Multiply

The creators of Cyclone have not only presented an automated software but stress relief and peace for the minds of the many with The Laziest Online Income System.

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