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Make money with free classified advertising posting for website traffic

Targeted Website Traffic Advertising

Targeted Website Traffic

Targeted website traffic advertising will yield more sales with less work when you consider the market you are trying to reach.  The  context  of your presentation through the use of various categories will increase the amount of  traffic to your  website.  Well established organizations use SEO techniques to improve the views of ad postings in search engines. Search engine optimization relative to particular keywords for your niche will yield improved results in the various classified advertising networks that you use.

The viewer has made a choice to view your advertisement as apposed to viewing ads in sequence. This opens an opportunity for more information, listbuilding, and the real goal which is a sale of your product or service. Successive clickthroughs to a capture page will yield the best result as that prospect accepted your presell offers by continuously clicking through.  This can also be accomplished by E-books or PDF files that actually have useful information.  Remember content is King.

Notice that brick and mortar business have business cards, brochures, and trade magazines with the companies information stamped on it.  All of which is free to the prospect.  This offer keeps the store in the mind of the prospect and puts the store on the short list of retailers that they would consider visiting again.

As an affiiate marketer your goal is not just to deliver advertising for your offers.  Your goal is to achieve long term passive income which begins with an automated cash system.  If you have no automation then you have a full time job.  That's a long way from living the laptop lifestyle.

We all work hard to earn credits  for clicks or give up our hard earned cash to pay for website traffic. It's one thing to get a visitor to your affiliate offer and another to make sale.

The next step is to develop highly targeted website traffic.  That involves continuosly preselling your prospect on the product as it takes more than a few views, depending on the offer, to make a conversion to a sale.

Starting a free online business takes a lot of effort in the beginning.  However, as your skills develop just like in any trade or profession, the rewards will surely beome clear.

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