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Traffic Exchange Surfing

Professional Traffic Exchange Surfing And Traffic

Surfing traffic exchanges is a very popular method of generating views to a website.  The concept is that I view your website and you view mine and maybe there is an interest one way or the other.

Traffic exchange owners have different credit systems that determine how often your website is viewed.  Some are 1:1 ratios others .5 : 1 ratios.  Many also have various games and contests to entice greater membership and provide greater credit earning opportunities.  Credits are also earned through their refferal network.

If your a serious surfer games are not your interest.  You will have multiple browser tabs open surfing as many exchanges as your computer memory will allow.  Naturally some exchanges have methods that they use to discourage this type of surfing.  And others encourage it.  As with any business there are different models that an owner may adopt to suit their desired clientele.

The professional surfer is going to surf multiple exchanges for hours at a time.  It's all about maximizing earned credits to receive more views to their website.  Remember that it only takes a few seconds to decide if you want to investigate a website any further.  And it will usually take multiple views of most landing pages, capture pages/squeeze pages for you to take a look any way.  So consider it a good thing if you see your affiliate offer being shown by other marketers as well.

So the limitation then is how much memory power your computer has to be able to surf multiple exchanges at once.  Now what if you could surf multiple exchanges without  the lack of memory slowing you down?

Well, there is a tool just for that purpose! Remember not all traffic exchange owners see their operation the same way.

Get massive traffic and run with the Top Dogs.  Surf your way to the top.

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