Viral Marketing For Exponential Growth Of Website Traffic
Viral Marketing Exponential Website Traffic Exponential Viral Marketing Exponential Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is the perpetual duplication of a series of processes that exponentially multiplies your website traffic.

In the cosmos it is said that our Sun is the closest star to Earth and that there are billions and billions of stars that go on forever.  An infinite boundless vastness.

The microscopic field it is said gives us a similiar view relative to the atomic structure of matter.  It is also a infinite boundless vastness where modern science keeps finding smaller particles that are spaced further apart.

Human life forms from the doubling and doubling of a single zygote in your mothers womb.  The majesty of nature at work.

So then let us apply similiar theories to viral advertising for affiliate website traffic  and lead generation. Ultimately you must plant seeds that produce later in the marketing cycle if you plan on creating any kind of long term wealth.

Today the modern money supply is created out of thin air as needed to support the economy.  It is no longer backed up by land, gold, oil, or other precious commodities.

Back in my youth a bank was allowed to lend 10 times as much as it had in deposits.  This is not new. Man has done this previously in Roman times and likely in other periods as well.

Viral Marketing works in a similiar manner except you are creating real hits for visitors to your website. Really massive website traffic is what is required to make sales online today.  Just like creating energy with the atom you create as much traffic as you want.

The economy has always belonged to the people.  Period!  The only real problem is our perception and interpretation of that fact.

Create Your Own Economy generating leads for your online business.