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Instant Profits Club is a membership business that is perfect for the "newbie" or the many marketers looking for that breakthrogh that gives them courage to continue on with their marketing efforts. Access to  this money making wealth opportunity allows you to get paid for giving away free memberships. Even  with no knowledge of internet marketing one can get set up quickly and start making money online.  Free Members can earn up to $137.50 per lead that they refer to Instant Profits Club.  Yes, all of that potential for being a free member.

If your an experienced marketer you know full well the time, effort and costs associated with; hosting, creating a website with all the necessary pages and images, and setting up to do all the follow up to make sales.  Imagine what you could do with the free time.  Never mind you, what about all your prospects that you have been trying to train. This is the simplest system I have seen of it's kind.  It only takes 30 minutes to get started. Just  signup with no technical knowledge of website hosting.

If you are interested in making money online and want to build a long term income without all the work associated with building an online business, then this is certainly for you. There are no costs associated with  joining the business.  You obviously have an internet connection  so there are no other issues.  Just give away free memberships and log in to check your account!

Instant Profits Club System

1. Join the membership to obtain your personal affiliate link.  You will be automatically approved by the system. Then start giving away free membership passes to Instant Profits Club  using your personal affiliate link. (Requesting your affiliate link is easy as clicking a button.)

2. Promotional tools such as  banners, social media posts, pre-written ad copy, and email swipes can be found in your members area.  This makes it easy for everyone to participate.  Just distribute the promotional materials for there respective areas and give away free memberships.

3. When new members join through your affiliate link, and upgrade you get paid!  Upgrading  with the exclusive addon modules creates more value in your membership which saves you time and effort and further targets the various levels of experienced affiliate marketers that may join through your personal affiliate link.

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The Pros

This is simple.  You join the membership. You give away free memberships and you get paid! All the administrative and technical work is done for you. Just refer other affiiate marketers by using  the professional marketing tools and your earning potential becomes $137.50 as a free member. Depending on your skill and level of resources you can enhance the value already provided and get paid again and again!

When I found Instant Profits Club I stopped everything to set this up.
 I was in shock that free members could earn that much.  I had just also purchased rights to a few other software related All Done For You programs but had not completed setup as yet.  I watched the Basic Training vidoes (26 in all for Pro members) and integrated my autoresponder in the capture page.

The Cons

Cons?  What cons?  As an affiliate marketer you have to learn how to drive traffic to your affiiate offers.  What better way to do this than to give away a free membership that you make money from. Who would not want to join?  This gives the "newbie" an excellent opportunity to test and improve their skills at generating traffic.  This membership gets a full five star rating.

This  is beautiful.  Even if you can't get any of that free website traffic that is everywhere, then upgrade  with the traffic acelerator module.  Then work on your traffic generating skills.  Problem solved.

Training Included

In your members area, "Instant Cash Methods" is a video series designed to demonstrate how to generate cash quickly.  With in a few short hours you will learn how to take advantage of  available resources to create new income streams that would normally take months or years to learn.

The trainiing is free just by becoming a member.  Join  Instant Profits Club today!

Upgrade Modules

Here are the upgrades that are available to you as a member and that you will earn commissions on from your referrals:

Profits Boost PRO Upgrade

Upgrade to the Pro level membership.  Did you hear that. Ka-Ching.  My referrer just got paid, even if they are a free member!  All because I see the value in PRO membership.

As a PRO member, you can instantly "boost" your commissions to 100% on all front end PRO level sales you make.  This  is a no brainer.  This is how your going to scale the business and boost your profits  for the long term.  Give away free memberships and make money.  Go Pro and make more money.

Plus you receive a series of ADVANCED videos, extra marketing materials such as featured ad graphics, social share images, and even your own copy of this review page to edit as you like.

Leads Converter System

I added my Professional  Autoresponder to the system so I could keep track of my leads.  This is an exceptionally good upgrade. Your leads should remain your leads in any business.

No matter how any marketer out there promotes there program or business, some  where along the way an email address is exchanged for access to the business system.  Some one gets the email address.

Lead generation and listbuilding is a significant key to long term success.  Period.  It automates your business, provides training, and most of all allows freedom for that laptop lifestyle.

I suggest choosing this upgrade so you can build a list to market additional offers  and increase your income.

Plus there is a set of 10 reports you can brand with your signup page link in 1-click and give away to get traffic to your system.

There is no such thing as too much information.  All "newbie marketers"  can benefit from these reports.  Some times all you need is that one piece of information to change how you view your marketing strategies.

What was once lead is now gold as an instant profits boost in conversions.  The training is also in the doing.  If you don't do  you really don't  know.

Commission Jack Addon

Dust off your Clickbank ID.  Inside the members area you will be able to place your Clicbank ID  for the potential sales of high ticket items.  As you can see, this is another opportunity for scaling your profits.

Think about where you are in your knowlege, success, and resources with regards to internet marketing.  Some affiliate marketers have the resources and will go straight for such an item. They recognize knowledge as the power.  Others also recognize  knowledge as the power but have spent too much time trying to  climb the internet marketing curve by themselves and now is the time for their breakthrough.

This gives you serious backend profits potential as your link can be clicked by any member, not just the members you refer.

Submit your ClickBank ID through the system  and you will be able to  earn $750 on a big ticket item.  Many administrators would have kept this opportunity for themselves for all their hard work. This is a generous offer for Instant Profit Club members.

Traffic Accelerator Program

There is lots of free traffic available but it still takes time and effort to generate clicks to your affiliate offers. This upgrade automates your Instant Profits Club System and shortens the traffic generation struggle that so many affiliate marketers suffer through.
Or quite simply you have other things to accomplish that would make this upgrade module most suitable.

Other things you may want to do is start a free blog or website for now. There is a smaller learning curve with free sites.  Many have point and click, drag and drop website builders that make it easy for "newbie" affiliate marketers.  This is another idea for scaling your business until your ready to create your own membership website.

Another thing to do is to learn how to use an autoresponder.  It automates your marketing for you.  Otherwise being an affiliate marketer becomes another 9 to 5 job.

Other things to do is to study.   Watch your training videos take notes and take action.  Asses the results and make changes if your not satisfied.

Get hands-free traffic delivered to you every month. As a "Traffic Accelerator" participant, all you have to do is submit your affiliate link. Without doing anything yourself clicks, signups and sales will be generated in the system for you.

100% done for you traffic. This upgrade is highly recommended and a great way to get unlimited hands free traffic.

Instant Reseller License

To create a sales funnel like this on your own, takes a lot of time, effort and know how. How would you like to have the Instant Profits Club sales funnel and sell it as your own?

Best part is there's nothing to create, setup, or install. It's all handled for you.  No hosting, no website to create, no autoresponder letters to create, no graphics designing, no support issues, no headaches because your affiliate marketing journey didn't become another job like the one your trying to leave!

This is why you became an affiliate marketer.  The learning curve for a veteran is steep without dedicated coaching.  Instant Profits Club just took a lot of the pressure of so you can earn while you study and put into action your knowledge and scale your business.

The greatest potential is with this upgrade.  You keep 100% of the profits you generate across the ENTIRE sales funnel - up to $275 per lead generated by your Instant Profits Club System!

The above upgrades add value to your membership.  The option is yours.  To scale or not to scale.

Get Started

With no previous experience anyone can earn  commissions by giving away free memberships. You don't have to sell anything.  You just pay it forward by giving away a valuable membership for free. 

Your business in a box then handles all the complex work for you.  How simple is that?

Get started now.  Click the button below and register your free membership and take the shackles off.

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