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Understand that regardless of what is the modern technique, there is a infrastructure behind it.
There are all kinds of websites and blogs with posts from years gone by that will always be here.  The old school will always work.

It's like the water that comes to your house.  It comes from somewhere originally. Today it is filtered and cleaned on a mass scale becuase of our abuse ( forgot about the old school).  But it comes from the same place.

Same with your electricity.  There may be above ground wires or underground wires, but there is an infrastructure.  Even today with clean energy such as solar or batteries there is an infrastucture created to allow for mass use of the technology.

In marketing that means backlinking to the old school infrastructure or creating new posts in that infrastructure.  It will always be here.  Remember that Google is always changing it's algorithms to subordinate marketers that abuse the system.  Google always promotes good unique content.  That is how they became so large.  By giving us what we want.  So no matter what the marketers do that abuses the idea of original content, Google eventually responds.

The smart marketers and progammers recognize this and stick to the infrastructure.  We obviously all cannot be on page one in a particular keyword search.  The resulting infrastructure in response to that problem is FFA's (free for alls), Text Ad Exchanges, Classified Ads, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists,
Ezines, Forums, and all kinds of various scripts that allow us to exchange advertising space.

And in the process you can make use of the search engines algorithms by using keywords that are relavant to a particular niche or related niches in your advertisng efforts.

In order for your website to be more accessible it helps if it is actually seen by the search engines which are in great number beyond the primary of Google Search.  Not to worry that your not on page one of Google.  You may be on page one of some little known search website that finds it's way to page one or in an advertisement on page one.  The old school will always rule because it is fundamental to what we are using in more complex marketing efforts.  Without the infrastructure you have nothing.

The website traffic received from these search engines are also targeted.  The user may not want to use the big search engine and opted to use a lesser search site.  Maybe this website traffic you received from such a search site comes from a viewer that has gone through a few advertisements before reaching your website. Did you notice the ads at the top of the Google Search? Some of those ads are from lesser known search engines or directories. That would be very targeted website traffic.

There are services that offer to post your website to many search websites, social media, authority websites, and perform various backlinking posting for you through their own established network. Backlinking is part of the formula which search engines use to to determine your websites worthinness.

Generally the more backlinks a search engine sees going to your website the better.  Good content is king and duplication of content may harm your rating according to search engine optimization practices. Receiving a backlink from a university website or an authority website has more value than a backlink from a brand new blog.

Your own work is also necessary.  The submission service shortens the growing period for you. Post worthy comments that are professional in nature even if you disagee with the originating post. Write articles about that which you have an interest in and link to your website.  A  website or blog about your affiliate marketing efforts would be a good idea when your ready.

Like anything else in life some work is required in the beginning to establish your website or affiliate website.  You can do it all yourself or contract out some of the technical aspects so that you can focus on learning how to convert all that website traffic advertising to sales for your online business

You can use your affiliate websites in the beginning but eventually it will be more beneficial to have your own website.

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